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Student Travel Awards
Applications for the Student Travel Award 2017 , run by the University, are now open to registered, full time, undergraduate and PhD students who are not in their final year of study. The award will provide four students with funding to visit Cambridge Alumni Groups in....
22 February 2017 06:23:34

Strong DNA Link Discovered between some Modern and Neolithic Asian Populations
Clare Fellow and Reader in Evolutionary Ecology Dr Andrea Manica has led a study with an international team which has discovered that some modern populations in northern East Asia have almost identical DNA to that of the people in the region some 8,000 years ago.

08 February 2017 04:36:30

Life Fellow Receives Highest Australian Award
Life Fellow of Clare, Professor Andrew Holmes, has just been appointed as a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia ‘for eminent service to science through developments in the field of organic and polymer chemistry as a researcher, editor and....
27 January 2017 04:08:14

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University of Cambridge - Latest news
New study identifies possible early warning signs of Huntington’s disease
23 February 2017 03:15:23

£10m funding for advanced materials research awarded to the University of Cambridge
23 February 2017 02:00:28

Opinion: How years of IMF prescriptions have hurt West African health systems
22 February 2017 07:52:08

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Varsity News
Lord Wood of Anfield: ‘The House of Lords is imperfect, but it does have a lot of expertise’
26 February 2017 06:12:50

University accepted over £6 million from wanted Ukrainian oligarch
26 February 2017 02:05:50

English Professor in court over indecent images of children
24 February 2017 07:13:08

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